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Meet Hecatehoney

Downey, CA 

Also Known as: 

Natalie Ochoa


Occupational Skills:

  • Remote/ In Person Chakra Balancing and Reiki

  • Emotional Support Guide

  • Healing Hugging Therapy

  • Guided Meditation and Breathwork

  • Intuitive Tarot and Channeling

  • Shadow Work Healing Guidance

My Story

Hecatehoney is a professional energetic healer. Hecatehoney’s journey started as a child through personal and shared family experiences many would say were unexplainable.  She has worked tirelessly to seek to understand her purpose and place in the world and free herself from old programming that blocks as well as the tenets of what society tells us we must be. In her studies and efforts to heal herself, she sought help in facing her trauma and challenges using both traditional and holistic healing modalities. Hecatehoney believes these healing modalities can work for anyone willing to seek truth and do the work.  She has dedicated her life to learning how to conquer stagnation, pain, emotional turmoil, freedom from addiction as well as how to manipulate and use energy to rebuild and transmute ourselves into peaceful, purposeful and happy people.


Free Yourself:

In practicing energetic healing & manipulation for over thirty years, Hecatehoney has learned that using energy brings impressive and sometimes unexpected results. She desires to share with others what has worked for her to heal past trauma, overcome challenges, and release old stagnating programming. Hecatehoney hopes to help you feel present in your life and to be free from the bondage of self-doubt and old programs we learn to our detriment.  It is not an easy task to free yourself from deep feelings of shame, guilt, fear, or anger. But it is the most rewarding work you can do to become a fully integrated person who understands their worth and can live in a flow of energy that makes you who you were born to be.  The true healer triggers a personal healing journey within others. In hopes of guiding people through this process, Hecatehoney seeks to help you to truly understand and meet yourself at a deep and profound level and see the wonderful creation you are as a precious and unique being.



Are you interested in connecting with Hecatehoney

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