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Meet Christian Norgaard

Oahu, HI

Also Known as: 

Coach Chris

Occupational Skills:

  • Functional Strength Training

  • Muscular Development + Toning

  • Weight Loss/ Mobility for Life 

My Story

Coach Chris knows all too well the dark paths life can lead us down. Without a physical outlet for negative emotions and anxiety, people become susceptible to depression, addiction, and even suicide.  He has battled and conquered those demons and wants to help you do the same. Coach Chris works with a full spectrum of clients, from individuals at home without workout equipment to experienced lifters with gym access. His fitness philosophy is sustainable training to support the functional movement for everyday life; for the rest of your life.

Coach Chris provides a workout system that focuses on building strength as a foundation, building on that by increasing endurance, resulting in fat loss and improved health. Elevating the heart rate boosts endorphins and improves the quality of life, which is Coach Chris' ultimate goal for his clients. Alongside physical training, mental training is a pillar of his coaching. Coach Chris will guide you to develop a positive mindset, create goals, and build a routine. 

He believes it is critical to discover what you enjoy so that your habits become your lifestyle. Whether you want to get in shape, increase strength and stamina, or overcome anxiety and depression, all while improving your quality of life, Coach Chris will get you there.


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