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Meet Catherine Gustave

Hollywood, FL 

Also Known as: 

RWRKDCAT (Reworked Cat)

Occupational Skills:

IMG_7499 5.JPG
  • Film Directing/Producing

  • Creative Direction

  • Project Management 

  • Event Curating

  • Web Development

  • Pastry Chef

My Story

Catherine Gustave is a freelance filmmaker, creative director, producer and project manager based in Hollywood, FL. Born in Hialeah, she has discovered her deep love and passion for film, art, and entertainment for the past two decades. Since her sophomore year of high school, Catherine studied and developed her skillset in filmmaking for oner 10 years and counting. After spreading her wings, she built an independent production agency which has written and produced projects for well known artist industry artist and many more influential brands. Within her career, she also has been featured on iconic magazine publication CultureCon, and made special appearances on TrshMag's Higher Learning episode series. In addition to her work behind the production set, Catherine is currently developing a channel of short films based on her connection to spirituality and the metaphysical world.

A Letter From My Inner Child

When people first meet me and see what I bring to the table, the main question I get asked is, “how are you so good at you everything you do?” Growing up as an only-child latch keyed kid television, a desktop, and my wild imagination were my best friends. Spending countless of and hours burning my eyes at the age of 9 exploring the wonders of the internet and other cool applications that set the foundation of my love for the digital art world. When I think back on the comfort those things brought to my childhood, I often realize how none of these things were confidential.

The Universe reserved a special space in being a creative on this planet. I was selected knowing I would make a difference with my creative influence many years down the line with the rest of the world. My deep passion and history started from watching endless music videos with my father, or using my mom's credit card to buy credits for my online avatar I was managing. Within my journey, there were no limits to anything I could do. From picking up my first camera in the 8th grade to now currently directing films, I trusted in the process day one. Being living proof that you can be anybody you desire to be is all I am here for. Looking at myself in the mirror now, I've accomplish so many heights and mountains to become the creative woman I am today,.

My mission is to tell the story about life while existing in the present.



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