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Meet Ashley Jagmohan

Groveland, FL 

Also Known as: 

 Prthvee Ka

Occupational Skills:

  • Tea Ceremony

  • Akashic Reading

  • Crystal & nature foraged jewelry

My Story

Ashley is a devout learner, writer, wanderer, alchemist, creator, and ceremonialist. She deeply resonates with the role of an “artist” and sees each action as a medium to create the art of her life. With the intention to inspire and be inspired, she desires to make the mundane magical, to find Truth in every direction, and to serve love. She is gifted in her ability to hold space, and through her offerings intends to help others slow down, tune in, and feel the pull from their own hearts. 

The name Prthvee Ka (Prih- th- vē - Kā) is Hindi meaning “of the Earth,” and is inspired by her intimate connections to the planet, ancestry, and Self. It encompasses her grounded embodiment, the ancient medicine she serves, and the natural materials she creates with. Whether you decide to receive a reading, to sit with her in ceremony, or choose a physical talisman to assist you in your journey, Ashley offers her hands and her heart in unconditional love towards your transformation, empowerment, and union within self.



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