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Island Turtle on a Lotus Flower


Shamanic Seer

For most people, safe spaces to practice whole wellness have been few and far between. Born a seer, I've always known that health is not just a physical condition but a state of mind. While I enjoyed academia and my time pursuing mathematics, econometrics, and a Master of Science in environmental science - my calling has been to the metaphysical. Supporting individuals in their pursuit of whole wellness and finding a home within themselves through spiritual guidance has been my own coming home journey. I continue to learn from traditional and non-traditional sources about everything around us. Currently, I provide astrological insights and spiritual guidance using my gifts and shamanic practices to support the collective and individuals who work with me one-on-one. 


The Collective

BOMISpirit is a hub for everyone to nourish their minds, bodies, and souls.  Created by Lola Morales ("Island Turtle"), BOMISpirit's mission is to offer people access to beautiful souls who strive to serve others. Everyone at BOMISpirit is living their purpose and can provide others with a helping hand in living their own through their service and inspiration. Life is about living and enjoying the journey; let us be a part of helping you do just that. 

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